Saturday, 15 September 2012

A busy day

What a busy couple of days it's been - yesterday was a flurry of cardmaking at my craft club in the Millennium Centre because it was the Table Sale in a local Church.  Emma was selling her bracelets,ear-rings and necklaces and I wanted to do some cards for her table for added interest.  It wasn't fantastically busy but she sold a few bits and pieces.   David had a good time and managed to buy lots of dogs for his vast collection of stuffed dogs - poor Emma was loaded down with them all. I will post some pics of crafty things as soon as I can get back on the computer and download them.  Woo-hoo - happy dance (well happy arm swing) - I was actually here when my felt delivery arrived so I don't have to re-arrange delivery and can start on my.................(I'll whisper it).............Christmas decorations - yes it's that time of year already.   It's not a secret that I'm making most of my presents this year and it's not because I'm tight......ha ha well it might have a tiny bit to do with it - it's just easier and combines two of mt favourite things - you guessed it......the 2 C's .......Christmas and Crafting!  Now for some serious planning and looking through books - ha ha altogether a good day.  Until the next time..........

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