Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Busy day

What a busy day it has been - in fact what a busy week it has been!  I've not really managed to do much crafting but I have done atc's to send off to a forum member for a swop and it was one of my favourite themes - flowers.  I'm not going to post them here until I post them off and she gets them because I know she reads my blogs on the blog hops that we do - ha ha yes it's YOU - you know who you are!!
I've taken a real liking to making wee fairies for the tree or for hanging on things - I did try some with faces but I think I prefer them without - it makes them look a bit more mysterious and fairy like - I went a bit overboard with the glitter spray and the smell can still knock you on your back! ha ha
 here are a few of the smelly offending fairies and I hope leaving them out will let the 'glue' smell go away and I can pack them away to give as extra wee pressies before Christmas.  I thought it would be a good idea to give my special friends and girls in the craft club an early present of 12 different tree decorations - I've made enough fairies now so I think on Friday Craft Club I will make a start on the felt ones.

It is 'pink' day at my grandson's school on Friday and since he will absolutely refuse to wear anything pink (because he's a boy he tells us loudly) my daughter sat and made a pink pig brooch for him to wear using some of my felt and glitter gems - it has a proper brooch back on it and it's something that he will wear without too much argument!

The building is part of the community centre that I volunteer in - there is only 2 paid staff and that is the manager (full time) and an assistant (15hrs a week) so it is up to all the local volunteers to run it - I do the office/front desk and some admin work and the other volunteers do everything else including running the busy cafe - all funds going back to the Centre for groups and clubs we run.
The weather is getting colder now - it's frosty in the early morning and it won't be too long before people are scraping their cars so it really is time to put the heating on now - goodbye summer hello autumn!  I love the trees at this time of year - the colours are beautiful and I'm thinking about taking some nice photos to use as backgrounds or toppers for cards - not done this before but quite fancy it - possibly do it over a year starting now to make a nice calendar to give next Christmas........oh no the crafter in me has taken over and I'm planning for next year before this one is over!!!  Time goes too fast as it is...........anyway........... until the next time


  1. Hi there Eileen. I love your little fairies/angels:) You are a busy bee at the community centre, aren't you? It's great to be involved in the local community, and I think it gives you a feel-good factor.

    See you later

    Keep on blogging

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  2. Those wee fairies are so cute, love them :D