Monday, 1 October 2012

What a waste!!

This is Edinburgh's answer to what people want to look at when they look out their windows - it doesn't matter that budgets are being slashed, voluntary projects are having to close and people are losing their jobs right left and center   Yes - what we want is........sticky up stones placed in between plants and shells (yes shells and not even local shells - shells transported to a coastal city with it's own shells on the beaches!) shoveled around them and can you guess how much this is costing the tax payer of Edinburgh .......£35,000 (thirty five thousand pound!) What a waste!!
Anyway onto more pleasant matters - can you guess - yes my favourite hobby - crafting!

Christmas card and 2 birthday cards
matting and layering
Well here we have my usual messy chaotic table in my craft club and from that mess I was able to make the cards that you see in the photos - and you will no doubt notice that I have discovered how to make them smaller so I'm not taking up all the room on the page!
matted and layered fairy and 2 decoupage birthday - I like the middle one best 
fast quick cards and I even stamped on one
my favourite 3 cards of the day!

I had really good fun making these cards - lots of chat and tea and laughing with my crafting pals so a good time was had by all - I even attempted a card flower - it was stamped and kind of folded into shape with the tips of the flowers rolled over - I used distress ink and shaded it in using my new ink blender and I think I'll take it to craft club next week to have a good go at it.   The photos were taken in the office that I volunteer in because the light was better there and the table was such a mess when I finished in the club it took me ages to get it cleared up - ah well I suppose it's not crafting if there is no mess - well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!  Until the next time  x


  1. Your werent wrong about the messy chaos LOL Do like the cards you made :D

  2. You have made some lovely cards Eileen. Thank you for sharing them with us all. Keep on blogging!

    Love and hugs

    annie xxx